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Marine Richard Hollington

On 20th June 2010 Marine Richard Hollington

became the 300th British Serviceman to die as a result of operations in Afghanistan. He was 23.

During the late afternoon of Saturday 12 June 2010, Bravo Company was conducting a reassurance patrol in Afghanistan for the local nationals in an area to the south of Patrol Base Ezeray. At approximately 1616hrs local time, Marine Hollington was caught in an explosion.
He was immediately evacuated to Bastion Role 3 Hospital where his condition was listed as critical. On 13 June 2010 he was transferred to the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. At 1108hrs BST on 20 June 2010, with his parents and brothers present, Marine Hollington sadly died of his wounds.

Marine Hollington’s family made the following statement:

What can we say that hasn’t been said so many times before and will be repeated so many times to come?
Richard will leave a huge numbing hole in the lives of his family, friends and Royal Marine colleagues. The saying goes ‘It is better to live one day as a lion than your whole life as a worm’. He chose to live his days as a lion and to us, and we believe his friends, he was the biggest, if softest, lion in the pride – how proud of him we all are.
It was typical of Richard, and a crumb of comfort to us, that even in death he donated his organs to help others in accordance with his wishes.

Since then, getting on close to £500,000 has been raised for various charities through the efforts of family, friends, strangers and not forgetting the generosity of donors. Fundraising continues…..